A visit from the future: Technical College

The future of innovation knocked on Syntronic’s door this month. To get an insight into what a career at the forefront of new technology can entail, four 8th grade students from Stora Sätraskolan attended an inspirational engineering workshop at our headquarters in Gävle.

“I’m thinking about becoming an engineer one day, so it was fun to see what it could be like,” says Tilde Övermalm, who participated in Syntronic’s workshop together with her classmates, Siriwiriya Sonsara, Melissa Kapsjö, and Elvira Övermalm.

The initiative was coordinated by Technical College, a collaboration between educational establishments and the world of work. Similar workshops were held at a handful of other workplaces in Gävle, as an initiative to make careers in technology more visible to girls and young women.

Syntronic’s consultants Håkan Sjörling and Roger Lindholm, CEO of Syntronic Production Services, are the main coordinators of the Technical College branches in Gävle and Sandviken. “It is important for us to give young people opportunities to develop a passion for technology,” Håkan Sjörling comments. “We believe that diversity is a strength and want to make sure that young women develop an awareness about opportunities in the technology sector from an early age.”

Robots and inspiration

The enthusiastic students got a tour of the facilities by Håkan Sjörling. They also got the opportunity to build and program their own robots, guided by our engineers, Angelica Davidsson and Theresa Leistner. “It was amazing to spend time with bright young people and, hopefully, inspire them to consider a career in technology,” Angelica Davidsson comments.

Our recruiter Josefine Bergqvist led a conversation about possible career paths and the future of technology. “We believe in gender-balanced workplaces where both women and men feel welcome and have opportunities to grow, so it is important for us to give young people information about career paths in our sector,” she says.

 The students describe Syntronic’s engineering workshop as an exciting, fun, and eye-opening experience. “I actually didn’t know that are so many different jobs to choose for people who have studied technology-related topics, so it was great to discover that,” says Melissa Kapsjö.

For Syntronic, last week’s workshop form part of a larger strategy aimed at promoting equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. Syntronic will continue to mentor, empower, and create opportunities for students through our continuous collaborations with schools and academic institutions.

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production, and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, defence, industrial and medtech.

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