Edvin Attebo:

”A win-win opportunity to seize”

His career with us began with a summer job. An artificial intelligence-related degree project sealed the deal. Today, our algorithm developer Edvin Attebo contributes to technological progress that will make self-driven cars available to the masses.

“I choose to study physics engineering because I knew that it would open doors. Syntronic opened theirs to me early, when I was a student in search of a summer job. The team in Gothenburg was interested in me, my ideas, and my future, even though I was still at university. They helped me get an insight into what life as a physics engineer was like in real life – and I loved it.

Back at university, I decided to spread my wings by spending a semester abroad, in dynamic Hong Kong. Rather than forgetting their summer student collaborator, Syntronic kept in touch. The company was still interested in my development. So, when the time came to produce a degree project, the choice was easy. Syntronic Gothenburg, which was a familiar place to me by then, was my sounding board when choosing a topic. After intense brainstorming, I choose to focus on creating a robust control system that involved an element of machine learning.

Syntronic gave me the option of working at their premises, which I seized, so an office was set up for me. Producing a degree project with a company has double benefits: You learn about your chosen topics from experienced specialists, but you also gain valuable knowledge about the mechanisms of a real-life business environment. You learn to meet expectations, communicate efficiently, and organize your work, which is a science in itself.

During the project, I gave several presentations to report my progress. The fact that so many of the engineers attended them acted as a motivational factor for me. I consider Syntronic’s student collaboration scheme a win-win opportunity. For the student, it enables self-development and learning on many different levels. For the company, it is a way of empowering young people who often cultivate an interest in joining the team permanently after graduation.

In the end, the hard work paid off. My supervisor and I were both satisfied with the results. Before long, Syntronic asked if I was interested in keeping my office – as a hired member of the team. I’m still here! Currently, I form part of a Syntronic vision group that improves advanced camera systems, in the role of algorithm developer. Our work is likely to contribute to improving the safety and accuracy of self-driven cars in the not-too-distant future.”