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The future is here. Syntronic is well positioned to serve the automotive industry during its current transformation with expertise in core areas such as automation, electrification, and connectivity. At Syntronic, we understand your needs and can support you all the way from concept to functional and safe quality products.

We have built competence and delivered products over decades, based on analogue electronics, covering both power electronics and RF design, which remain the foundation of modern technology solutions, e.g. 5G communication and electric vehicles. Additionally, our knowledge of signal processing, data science and embedded systems enables us to present you with a complete offer to boost your development.


Smart, sustainable, safe

Our engineers are passionate about automation, which includes Active Safety to save lives, and autonomous drive, which promotes environmental sustainability. Understanding theory in applied mathematics, embracing academic-industrial collaboration, and implementing functional and safe software are essential parts of our offering. We provide signal processing for sensors, AI, and machine learning solutions for perception as well as control theory for motion control.

Our expert teams also provide measurement systems and support for quality assurance endeavours, including data collection and qualified and complex measurement techniques. Moreover, we are capable of providing both system solutions and complete customer project solutions that directly support your customer commitments. We speak your language in regulatory and development processes to secure high-quality delivery standards. Our high-level knowledge of measurement development and electronics testing ensure consistently high quality in production testing, validation, and the electronics production chain.


Focus on quality

With us as a partner, you will be able to leverage your strengths on the market, through innovation, expertise, and technological progress. Expect a productive and cost-effective journey with end-to-end solutions designed for high returns on your investment.

We follow international standards and guarantee high-quality results. Our ISO 26262 certification demonstrates that we are a reliable, progressive, and safety-minded partner. Our continuous focus on functional safety in the automotive industry is an essential part of our success story. Let our teams support your business and empower you to prosper in the current transformation of the automotive industry.

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