Are you looking for a new challenge? Take the chance to a be part of a rapidly growing company.

Are you interested in being a part of a rapidly growing company?

Do you want to work with the best, competently talented colleagues in a constantly changing environment? Do you like the idea of working on various assignments in different cultures and meeting new people?

If this is of interest to you. Then we would really like to work with you and we would like to invite you to join our team and experience life working as a consultant in a fast paced environment with top performing and demanding clients.

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You find us in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia.

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You find us in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Santa Clara.

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You find us in Gävle, Gothenburg, Kumla, Linköping, Lund, Sandviken and Stockholm.

Insight of working life

Are you a student and are interested in getting some insight on what it would be like to work in an environment like Syntronic?


Inclusiveness and equality at Syntronic

At Syntronic, we believe that inclusiveness and equality result in better, stronger, and more sustainable progress. To promote gender equality at the workplace, we published a series of interviews with some of our inspiring female leaders throughout the month of March 2021.


Ge Jingwei, General Manager Assistant

Ge “Spring” Jingwei, who is one of the driving forces behind Syntronic China’s success, has an inspiring career story to share. She has a strong passion for communication, customer relations, and talent management.

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Ghaida Magnusson, Project Manager

Ghaida Magnusson, project manager at our headquarters in Gävle, is an inspiring and dynamic leader. In this interview, she shares her best leadership strategies and reflections on ways to attract more women to the technology sector.

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Lily Chen, HR manager

Lily Chen, our HR manager in China, appreciates Syntronic’s team-oriented business approach. In this interview, she shares her best strategies for promoting inclusiveness and clear communication in large organizations such as Syntronic.

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Siti Adzilah Salleh, Finance & HR Manager

Siti Adzilah Salleh, our Finance & HR Manager at Syntronic Malaysia, believes that new technology can help us create stronger, better, and more inclusive societies. In this interview, she shares her career story and reflections about the future.

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Tiara Eka Ariyanti, Quality Manager

Tiara Eka Ariyanti, our Quality Manager in Jakarta, is a highly skilled engineer who is passionate about people management. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on professional development, equality in the workplace, and Syntronic Indonesia’s success story.

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Life at Syntronic


“With technology, we can build a more sustainable future”

Technological breakthroughs can open the door to a more sustainable and socially conscious future. That is the firm conviction of Sarah Scharf, Feature Verification Engineer at our R&D centre in Canada. In this interview, Sarah shares her reflections on technology’s potential to contribute to greater sustainability as well as the story behind her career choice.

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“With freedom and support, a team can achieve anything”

The best results are achieved in supportive, equal, and free working environments where every voice is heard. That is Johan Elfsberg’s firm conviction. Johan is an experienced hardware developer and our newly appointed Team Manager in Gävle. In this interview, he speaks about the new role and shares some of his plans for Syntronic’s highly skilled hardware teams.

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“Safe and reliable connectivity should be a universal right”

Sonya Stuhec-Leonard, who forms part of Syntronic’s radio performance verification team in Canada, wants everyone to have the ease and safety of communication – regardless of where they live. We spoke to Sonya about her career choice, passion for technology, and dream of contributing to improved connectivity in the world’s most remote areas.

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“A professional come-back is great for the individual as well as for the company”

Strategy. Optimization. Efficiency. Those are key words that our newly appointed Senior Sourcing Manager, Daniel Blomquist, believes in. Daniel, who was our consultant manager in the early 2000s, is making his come-back at Syntronic with fresh eyes and new experience. In a candid interview, he shares his vision for Syntronic’s future sourcing strategy.

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"What makes a great Syntronic engineer?"

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," Confucius once said. Is Syntronic your ideal workplace satisfaction match? Malin Lundquist, our strategic competence leader who has a key role in recruitment, has noticed a set of characteristics that Syntronic engineers have in common. We present her observations.

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“Syntronic is an international platform for new ideas”

Our engineering PhD-holder Farzin Manouchehri believes that a second digital communication revolution is just around the corner, that teamwork boosts professional growth, and that a multicultural working environment is the best atmosphere for generating new ideas.

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"Treat each team member as your closest ally!”

When Scandinavian students were asked to identify their life goals in a study, they ranked extensive travel and fulfilling careers the highest. Syntronic’s Jason Liu, who has achieved both, shares his reflections on growth in today’s dynamic work environment.

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“The best recipe for innovation is work-life harmony, equality, and cultural diversity”

What does it take to come up with original ideas in a technology industry that never sleeps? Our Wireless Telecom Software Designer Chethan Kumar shares his best innovation strategies and reflects around why our Ottawa office was voted the Best Place to Work in the capital region this year, for the second time.

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“Why be bored at work when you can create history?”

How do we achieve real happiness and well-being at work? Our site manager Daniel Nygren analyses the enigma and describes Syntronic’s positive work environment.

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