Adam Hedkvist:

“Challenging but extremely rewarding – Go for it”

When sharing his passion for machine learning on social media as a student, he did not anticipate that a global tech firm like Syntronic would notice – but we did. The initial contact bloomed into a degree project and promising career with us. This is our test developer Adam Hedkvist’s story. 

“Artificial intelligence will revolutionize our lives. It is still too early to say how, but I want to form part of creating it. Through my  degree project with Syntronic, I investigated if machine learning could be used to make industries more efficient through discovering weld defects. It all started when I shared my reflections on social media. I was thrilled – and positively surprised – when Syntronic wrote that they wanted to meet me. I remember thinking: “how did you find me? I’m still just a student”. Later, I learned that Syntronic was inspired by my enthusiasm.

The engineers Syntronic was accommodating and eager to help. From the start, I got access to a stimulating work environment with great vibes. To be around like-minded people who are experts in their fields was reassuring. I got a feel for the team spirit at Syntronic and became a part of it. Even though I worked independently, the team was always there to listen, share ideas, and answer questions.

I’ll be honest: Writing a degree project is challenging. But it also extremely rewarding. I’m satisfied with my result and learned a great deal about the most efficient strategies for planning, organizing, and executing a project. Syntronic made it clear from the start that what matter the most was my self-development. My opportunities to grow and learn was considered more important than the results – even if the company was interested in the findings as well.

When I was offered a position at Syntronic after graduation, I was thrilled to join the team officially. Today, I am a test developer assisting one of the company’s market-leading clients in a consultancy role. My passion for innovation and artificial intelligence remains strong. Together with the team, I am committed to creating the technology of tomorrow.

To all students out there who are contemplating our degree project collaboration scheme – especially those of you who have idea that involve artificial intelligence – I just want to say: Go for it!”