The big picture: Defence and security

As a Design House and a partner to several companies within the defence industry, we work to discover and mediate trends, thoughts and news, both national and international. It is natural for us to have an overall picture, both on the small details and the big picture. In our assignments we help turn visions into concrete proposals and solutions.

The demands and work methods of the defence industry are well known to us and we are, among other things, hired to analyze various problems. We evaluate solution proposals and, in many cases, go further with adjustment and integration of products and systems. The projects can include general feasibility studies and analysis to detailed requirements specifications, project management, development, test and function verification, maintenance and production commitments.


High standards and reliability

We always strive to produce the optimal customer solution from idea to production. By this, we create solutions that are:

  • reliable and practical viable
  • qualitative
  • cost efficient and delivered on time

Our development competence is wide including everything from ensuring that defence equipment follows international standards, to creating specialized defence design, to the construction of electro mechanics, integration of micro electronics and embedded software. Everything under one roof.

Technology is constantly changing and delivering to customers world wide requires commitment. Continuous technical learning / development and monitoring are important parts of our strategy.

Our services within defence

Research and Development
New Product Introduction

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