Execution concepts

We have developed several execution concepts to make it possible to work together with our customers in the best way

Execution concepts

Every project and product has its unique challenges. Syntronic is a Design House offering both OEM and ODM deliveries. The Design House contributes with deliveries that brings competiveness to our customers. An important success factor is that Syntronic, as a Design House, understands and operates within the entire product life cycle chain. In this way, Syntronic is able to offer flexible services and support that spans over all life cycle phases.

Our global service portfolio contains the following offers:

  • Outsourced assignments
  • Specialist consultants
  • Platform based solutions



Outsourced assignments

Outsourced assignments are performed in our Design Houses in APAC, AMERICAS and EMEA.

Specialist consultants

For system and product development including:

  • Software development (embedded and IT)
  • Hardware development (RF, analogue, digital, power, asic, mechanics, PCB, verification and system design)
  • Test development (I&V, manufacturing, aftermarket)
  • Management and strategy
  • Development
  • Verification
  • Maintenance


  • Prototypes
  • Serial production

 Aftermarket Services

  • Repair
  • Upgrades
  • Spare part management
  • Local and global support

Platform solutions

Syntronic develops and maintains its own platforms (e.g. control, communication, data acquisition and test) to offer our clients well proven technology at a reduced cost and time to market.



Business models

Syntronic will always, in a proactive way, seek the most efficient solutions for our customers. Our business models cover time and material, fixed price and box business models. We welcome the opportunity to use incentive based models and the opportunity to discuss new and/or alternative business models.