Syntronic meets FARM 2020

Welcome to the Syntronic student week at FARM

All events this week will be digital and we hope this will be a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Schedule September 6th – 9th:

Tuesday: Tech talk with Jonas Andersson.

Make sure to attend Jonas Andersson’s presentation on “BRAPH for Python: graph theory and graph neural networks for brain connectivity analysis”.

Wednesday: Thesis session with Alice Deimante Neimantaite

Alice will give you inspiration on writing a thesis within the area of MedTech and AI. She will share our experiences from a previous thesis work and present an upcoming thesis opportunity.

Thursday: Schedule your interview with Syntronic

Check out our available student thesis opportunities below and schedule your interview today. Fill out the application to schedule an interview.

Friday: Interview session and QUIZ

This day we will meet some of you for interviews. We kindly ask you to remain standby this day and if you haven’t heard from us during Friday, we will contact you the upcoming week.

Let’s end the week with a QUIZ! Compete to win a one year Spotify Premium subscription. The QUIZ will be open between 09.00 – 13.00 and you find the quiz this page.

The winner will be announced here at 15.00.


A global team of engineers active on three continents

We are a global team of engineers active on three continents, in a wide variety of sectors including telecom, medtech, automotive, industrial and defence. Our team of creative out-of-the-box thinkers consists of passionate engineers from all walks of life with extensive experience. Ideas, creativity, and innovations flow freely in our professional environment.

We believe in the notion “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Passion for new technology, team spirit, and professional flexibility are fundamental values. We do what we love and love what we do, constantly pushing ourselves and our clients towards better results.

Engineers at Syntronic are innovative, creative, and conscientious. Our conviction that great minds excel when working together results in a vibrant and dynamic office culture. We believe in technology’s power to enhance the future – and in our own ability to be part of that journey.

Get to know us

Is my personal profile an interesting career match for Syntronic?

As a rapidly growing company in a fast-paced sector, we are always interested in hiring new talent. Your profile is of particular interest to us if you:

  • Have a university degree related to electronics, computer science, mechanical subjects, or engineering physics / mathematics.
  • Are genuinely passionate about technology and development.
  • Are a flexible team player who would enjoy working with a variety of different projects, customers, and colleagues in a consultancy role.
  • Want to form part of a flat organization characterized by a free flow of information, competence-sharing, and camaraderie.

Why should I write my thesis with Syntronic?

Comment from former degree project writers:

”A great learning experience! I felt like a member of the team.”

”It was amazing to have access to all the advanced equipment one could possibly need.”

“The engineers were approachable – it was easy to ask questions and brainstorm ideas.”

“Professionally, socially, and intellectually, Syntronic is a great environment for a student.”

“Syntronic genuinely cares. My Syntronic mentor even attended my university presentation.”

“The engineers at Syntronic were interested in my project, my ideas, and in me as a person.”

What can Syntronic offer me, in terms of career opportunities?

As a global engineering design house with worldwide presence, we operate at the forefront of new technology. Our clients and partners are world-leaders within a wide range of sectors. Joining us will open the door to an innovative world of possibilities. A career with us also gives you access to some of the most advanced equipment solutions currently available on the market.

In term of location, Syntronic is a truly global workplace that encourages competency-sharing between our offices and across national borders. As a member of our team, the possibilities to work abroad for shorter or longer periods are generous.

Employees sharing their thesis experiences

Adam Hedkvist: “Challenging but extremely rewarding – Go for it!”

When sharing his passion for machine learning on social media as a student, he did not anticipate that a global tech firm like Syntronic would notice – but we did. The initial contact bloomed into a degree project and promising career with us. This is our test developer Adam Hedkvist’s story.

Joel Larsson: “An intellectually stimulating and fun experience”

Although he is a cherished member of Syntronic’s expert consultancy team today, Joel Larsson’s professional journey with us began with the student collaboration scheme. For twenty intense weeks, his mind was immersed in a degree project aiming to create a proof of concept demonstrating the feasibility of an original idea. This is his story.

Edvin Attebo: ”A win-win opportunity to seize”

His career with us began with a summer job. An artificial intelligence-related degree project sealed the deal. Today, our algorithm developer Edvin Attebo contributes to technological progress that will make self-driven cars available to the masses.

Thesis opportunities


Thesis inspiration


Autodrive is a platform that has been developed at Syntronic where the purpose is to test and demonstrate algorithms for self-driving vehicles. The platform is built on ROS and Gazebo, which makes the change of the environment, sensor, algorithm and vehicle easy. As an example, the robot in the included demo interprets data from a LIDAR sensor and then uses particle filtering and the search algorithm A* to plan a path to a goal.



The brain is a complex network, strongly relying on the connections and interactions of its different regions. As an important step in understanding neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, brain connectivity is studied using graph theory. Brain networks are examined by analyzing graph theoretical measures, which have been shown to be promising biomarkers of disease progression in neurodegenerative disorders.

Syntronic has together with the research groups of Joana B. Pereira at the Karolinska Institute and Giovanni Volpe at the University of Gothenburg developed the software package BRAPH (Brain Analysis with graPH theory), for analyzing graphs derived from brain imaging data (e.g. MRI, fMRI, EEG, PET and DTI). The video below shows a quick demonstration of how the software is used.


SynAI is a deep learning platform developed by Syntronic R&D. The software can be used for building, training and evaluating artificial neural network models in an interactive and user-friendly way. The platform allows importing, customizing, and re-training pre-defined models to fully support the power of transfer learning. SynAI runs on a Tensorflow backend with an architecture that makes it highly customizable and easy to integrate to other systems.



Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a problem of building a map of the environment while simultaneously keeping track of the position of the sensor. Visual SLAM is a type of SLAM technology that tries to track points between images from a camera. It is then possible to triangulate the points 3D position and create a point cloud of the environment. Visual SALM is a promising field that has great commercial potential.

If you want more inspiration to your thesis, check out some of the published thesis reports that we have listed on our student page.