High participation in the Syntronic China Innovation Competition

The first edition of the Syntronic China Innovation Competition attracted ample attention and a very high participation. The competition was successfully concluded in Beijing this fall.

The talented winners were Li Yi and Wang Min, with a project named Onboard Life Detection. The innovative solution makes it possible to detect life signs in a vehicle when it is parked and send a warning to the owner’s mobile device, who is then able to react in time.

It was the first time that Syntronic China organized a creative in-house competition of this calibre. The aim was to provide our China-based team members with a forum for generating new ideas, to promote creative thinking, and to strengthen the bonds between colleagues.

From summer to autumn, from the north to the south, Syntronic China’s new competition was welcomed with excitement on all our sites in the country. The participating teams had different strengths and areas of expertise such as, for instance, telecom, industrial, automotive, smartphone technology, IoT and semiconductor technology. In the context of the competition, the teams came forward with innovative ideas for how to improve tools, software, product models, systems, and solutions. The ideas demonstrated how deep and extensive Syntronic’s technical strength is.

After two months of intense competition, five teams successfully advanced to the finals. At the end of autumn, the finals were organized simultaneously in Syntronic Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, and Nanjing site at an online forum. Subsequently, an award ceremony was held in Beijing. “I hope that more employees can participate in the competition in the future. Take your innovative dreams and ideas, put them forward, and demonstrate how they will work, Zinser Zhao, General Manager of Syntronic Asia, said. “We hope that through the innovation competition and our newly established innovation laboratory, we can put ourselves on an even more active position on the market.” he concluded.

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, defence, industrial and medtech.

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