Industrial expertise from idea to market readiness

The best way to prepare for the future is to choose an experienced business partner. At Syntronic, we have high-level expertise and long-standing experience of fulfilling customer needs. We have the capacity to be our customers’ trusted partner throughout an assignment’s entire life cycle, from initial concept idea to market-ready product all the way to end of life.

Over the decades, we have acquired a deep understanding of specific customer needs in the industrial sector. Quality, user-friendliness, safety, continuity, and cost-effectiveness are principles that guide our expert teams in joint endeavours with the most innovative players in the business. Renowned for our universal approach, our partners appreciate our full and complete offer, which puts us in a unique position on the market.


Optimal solutions for each system

Automation and digitalization are essential parts of our offer. Our solutions are specifically developed for optimal integration with the systems that they are intended for. Moreover, our expert teams develop solutions have a wide range of application areas, including logistic planning and advanced product equipment. We provide AI and machine learning solutions that, among other benefits, enable predictive maintenance solutions.

Our expert teams also provide measurement systems and support for quality assurance endeavours, including data collection and qualified and complex measurement techniques. Our high-level expertise within measurement development and electronics testing ensures consistently high quality in production testing, validation, and the electronics production chain.


Constant innovation

We are committed to leveraging your capabilities through offering new methods and techniques. Excellence is always the aim and international standards are always followed. Expect a productive and cost-effective journey with end-to-end solutions designed for high returns on your investment.

Lead your team into a future of optimized industrial applications to make the most of a world of opportunities, with us as your expert partner.

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From its state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Hofors, Sweden, Syntronic’s long-term partner, Ovako, provides clients from all over the world with sustainably produced steel. Sustainability, high quality, and commitment to cutting-edge technology solutions are values that Syntronic and Ovako share.

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Syntronic’s production site in Sandviken is entering a new development phase. The plan is for the site to become a specialized hub for mechanical assembly and mechanical construction. “This is a fresh start for our Sandviken site!” says Anders Wejåker, Manager of Mechanical Engineering at Syntronic in Sandviken.

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