Daniel Nygren, site manager: “Why be bored at work when you can create history?”

Today’s professionals rate happiness at work higher than money or titles, research says. Yet, 85 % are dissatisfied with their jobs, according to a Gallup poll. How do we achieve real happiness and well-being at work? Our site manager Daniel Nygren analyses the enigma and describes Syntronic’s positive work environment.

“A good leader is a professional who create opportunities for other to grow,” says Daniel and smiles while sipping coffee from a personalized mug engraved with the word “boss” at Syntronic’s headquarters in Gävle. His progressive approach to leadership has been perfectioned during a career in project management with Syntronic, through assignments in collaboration with world-leading customers.

Currently the site manager at Syntronic’s headquarters in Gävle, Daniel is a firm believer of the stand that happiness at work is a requirement for extraordinary performances. “A pleasant work environment where people enjoy their tasks and inspire each other to professional growth is essential,” he says.

Innovation through teamwork

Too many people consider work a necessary evil that finances fleeting moments of happiness during yearly summer breaks. Daniel, on the other hand, derives happiness not just from spending time with family, coaching his daughter’s football team and dreaming about renovating an old farmhouse, but also from his working days. Daniel recalls moments with colleagues when they together solved problems that other companies had dismissed as impossible. Adrenaline and endorphins rushed through his veins, triggered by the feeling of being at the forefront of technological development. “When our efforts and teamwork enable Syntronic to help our customers release brand new products on the markets – products that did not yet exist anywhere in the world – the feeling is unbeatable.”

Daniel considers it unfortunate that joyless work environments still exist. “It is not possible to innovate in places where people lack passion for what they do, and just long for their TV sofas,” he says. He is grateful to form part of the Syntronic team, consisting of professionals who feel alive during working hours and not just after 5pm.

Diversity and passion

Twelve years have gone by since Daniel’s first day at Syntronic. He is convinced that it is the happiness factor, in combination with the strong team spirit, that has brought the company to a prominent position, locally and internationally. “We take care of each other and have a company culture of inclusiveness that pushes us forward,” he says. “We also switch roles smoothly –we can laugh together and de-dramatize life’s challenges, but we also take control over sharp situations that require complete concentration.”

He adds that a major advantage of consultancy-based projects, which is the work form applied at Syntronic, is that they offer a greater degree of variety and diversification. At Syntronic, co-workers enrichen their careers through participation in many different projects, both in-house and client based. Moreover, they build meaningful relationships with a large pool of customers and colleagues.

The site manager’s most treasured career memories from Syntronic are the countless times that team members have gone the extra mile without having been asked, out of passion for their work and strong team spirit. “We have on several occasions developed solutions that no one thoughts were possible and delivered them to satisfied customers,” he says.

Opportunities to grow

Science confirms Daniel’s theory about a correlation between a strong sense of belonging and professional success. High belonging is linked to a 56% increase in job performance and a 75% reduction in sick days, according to research from Harvard University. However, a sense of belonging at work is difficult to achieve. The Harvard research shows that 40 % of employees experience feelings of loneliness and isolation at work. Daniel is a firm believer of the stand that company leaders must play an active role in promoting a feeling of togetherness within theirs team. “Syntronic achieved it through facilitating teamwork and through emphasising values like transparency and equality,” he says.

Daniel describes Syntronic’s employee welfare strategy, which includes a fitness reimbursement granted to all team members, as well as regular sports arrangements and social gatherings. He also puts emphasis on the importance of allowing all employees to have a voice. “Leadership is mainly about creating opportunities for the people in your team. My career has taught me that if people are given the proper prerequisites to solve their tasks, they will,” he says.

In a world where surveys show that 58 % would trust a stranger more than their own boss – while 64 % would consider a robot more trustworthy – Daniel stands out as a tireless believer in mankind. “I believe in humanity. A company is not just a name, some machines and office buildings. It is us, the people who work here, regardless if it is in the capacity of engineer, administrator, cleaner or CEO, who are Syntronic. We always remember that.”

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