“A new generation of strong women is on the way”

Ge “Spring” Jingwei, who is one of the driving forces behind Syntronic China’s success, has an inspiring career story to share. She has a strong passion for communication, customer relations, and talent management.


Ge “Spring” Jingwei, who has held several key positions at Syntronic in the 15 years that she has been with the company, is a self-made woman. Even her English name, Spring, is self-made. “I choose the name Spring for myself since it has so many positive connotations,” she says. “Springtime is associated with new beginnings, life, and energy. It is a name that reminds people of the positive aspects of life,” she adds.

The name also happens to be perfectly representative of Spring’s professional approach. Our head of marketing in China is often described as an energetic professional with excellent people management skills who always goes the extra mile. Her colleagues at the Beijing office still laugh about an incident that sums up her character perfectly: When one of them casually asked if anyone knew if a particular store was open, Spring was on the phone immediately, gathering all the information about the store’s complete opening hours before anyone else had the time to react. “I am extremely result-oriented and enjoy delivering results quickly, regardless of whether the request is small or big, and regardless of if it comes from a customer or a colleague – just like Syntronic does on principle,” she says with a smile.

Part of our Chinese success story

Spring has a strong passion for communication, customer relations, and talent management. She joined Syntronic China in 2006, after having obtained a degree in Business English at the Nan Chang Hang Kong University, a prestigious engineering-based multidisciplinary academic institution. At the time, our Chinese branch had only been up and running for four months. As one of the very first 100 % internationally owned companies in China, Syntronic was a wild card. Yet, Spring was impressed with the company from the start. “Syntronic has always offered a great working environment characterized by equality, respect, and employee welfare. From the start, I enjoyed the flexible, open, and people-oriented office atmosphere that we still have here at Syntronic China,” she says. “Moreover, Syntronic’s approach to customer relationships also impressed me. The company focused on building long-term partnerships with big international firms. It was a sustainable strategy that made me realize that I could have an interesting, long-term career with Syntronic.”

For the 1,5 decades that Spring has been a part of Syntronic, she has held several key positions that allowed her to contribute to the company’s success story in China. “It has been an amazing journey. In the early days, I remember that we worked with five unit managers at one of our main partner companies. Today, we get assignments from more than 60 unit managers at that partner company alone. Moreover, our customer pool has grown. Many of our partners have us on their recommendation list, which allows us to keep growing” she says.

Account manager, sales director, HR manager, and head of finance are some of the key positions that Spring has held at the company. This year, Syntronic asked if she was ready for a new challenge: a promotion to GM assistant responsible for our marketing activities in China, talent management, acquisition activities, and for optimizing the collaboration between our five branches in the country. “I said ‘yes’ since believe that challenges are best strategy for professional development. Tackling new challenges is what I love the most about my job,” she shares.

A role model

Spring considers gender equality in the workplace an important question. She wants to be a positive role model for the next generation of women –  including for her own daughter, You You, who is four years old and was born on International Women’s Day, the 8th of March.

“Today, there are more talented women in top positions in the world of business than before, but we still have a long way to go from a gender equality perspective,” she says. “On a more positive note, I believe that the younger generation of women will be stronger and more independent. The situation keeps improving. When I watch my daughter play, I feel proud of how fearless and strong she already is. Moreover, today’s young women take control of their own lives in a way that those of previous generations could not. A new generation of strong women is on the way.”

When asked what career advice she would give to young professionals interested in pursuing a career in marketing, sales, or HR, Spring said that flexibility, reliability, and service-mindedness are important success factors. “But above all, always say ‘yes’ to new challenges and go the extra mile to deliver excellent results fast!” she concluded.

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