“Technology can help us build stronger societies”

Siti Adzilah Salleh, our Finance & HR Manager at Syntronic Malaysia, believes that new technology can help us create stronger, better, and more inclusive societies. In this interview, she shares her career story and reflections about the future.


Siti grew up in a neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the fastest growing metropoles in Asia. Right from the start, she dreamt big. “I wanted to have an international career that would allow me to meet, and work with, people from all over the world,” she remembers. It was that dream that made Siti opt for accountancy when the time to choose an education path came. “Accountancy is a global language, in the sense that the same systems and principles are used everywhere. I hoped that I would get an opportunity to work with a global company – and I did.”

In 2016, Siti joined Syntronic Malaysia as a senior accounting executive. “I loved accountancy – I still do – but after a few years I discovered that I also enjoy working with people. I enjoy the process of learning about other people’s needs and then develop strategies that help them grow and develop, especially the younger generation,” she says.

At Syntronic Malaysia, Siti is now able to combine her passion for accountancy with her passion for people management since she has been promoted to Finance & HR Manager. “It is the perfect role for me. Working for a global company was always my career plan. The fact that Syntronic operates in a progressive field and develops new technology makes it even more interesting,” she says.

Unity through technology

Siti is convinced that new technology in general, and cutting-edge software solutions in particular, are efficient tools that can be used to build stronger societies – especially for dynamic countries with a rapid development pace like Malaysia. “At Syntronic, I can see that the future is bright for professionals in the IT sector. More and more opportunities are opening up,” she says. “It also has a positive impact on society. Malaysia is a country on the rise – we are in a process of development and economic growth. Technological advancement contributes to our development by bringing people together and creating more opportunities in business, education, and many other areas,” Siti adds.

In well-connected societies where the communication flows freely and effortlessly, it is easier to promote a sense of togetherness and belonging, Siti believes. “Here in Malaysia, we have a multicultural population with many different worldviews and traditions. In multicultural environments, communication and social interaction is especially important, so that people can come together, share experiences, and learn to respect and appreciate each other,” she comments. She is convinced that technology makes the process easier, by creating more platforms for communication and information sharing. “I view it as a solution that unites people. Technology can help us build stronger societies,” Siti says.

A welcoming environment

Like Syntronic, Siti believes that diversity in terms of cultural belonging, personal background, and gender is a success factor that creates a better working environment for everyone. “Software engineering is still a male-dominated field, but we are happy to say that we also have several very competent women in our team. It is important for us to create a welcoming environment for both women and men,”  she says, adding that gender-diverse teams generate better and more interesting ideas in her opinion. For the same reasons, Siti is happy that the business sector in Malaysia as a whole is becoming more diverse and inclusive than in the past. “There are more and more successful women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, which is a positive development and inspiring for the younger generations,” she says.

On a more personal level, Siti acts as a role model for the next generation, including her own three sons, by constantly challenging herself. One of her many plans is to take a course in software development, to gain an even better understanding of the challenges that her colleagues face in their everyday work. “To me, learning is a life-long process. It should never stop,” she says. “Here at Syntronic Malaysia, we are a united team and learning is a common passion among us. I get impressed by my colleagues’ diverse knowledge within different fields every day. They are one of the reasons why I want to continue to grow and learn,” Siti concludes.

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