“Inequality is no longer an option and careers have no gender”

Tiara Eka Ariyanti, our Quality Manager in Jakarta, is a highly skilled engineer who is passionate about people management. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on professional development, equality in the workplace, and Syntronic Indonesia’s success story.


Many years ago, a young girl in Indonesia asked her mother for advice on what to do with her life. Her mother instantly replied: “I think that you would be a great engineer!”. That young woman was Tiara, who would later join Syntronic and, through a combination of hard work and talent, get promoted to Syntronic Indonesia’s Quality Manager. In other worlds, her mother’s advice turned out to be excellent. “I have always loved electronics. I find it fascinating to discover how things work. My mother, who is also my role model, noticed that and encouraged me to pursue my passion,” Tiara remembers.

Tiara opted for studying electrical engineering at Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ). She stood out from the crowd by pursuing her passion for technology both inside and outside the lecture halls. In her free time, Tiara was actively involved in various engineering contests organized among the students. She often served on committees that were mandated to assess the quality of the contributions submitted to the contests – sometimes on national level.

In 2016, Tiara joined Syntronic Indonesia as a test system engineer. “Back then, the team was smaller, and we had fewer projects, but Syntronic still made a positive first impression on me. I quickly got a feeling that Syntronic was a company that would help me grow, develop, and learn new skills. I was right,” Tiara remembers.

Connected leadership

Professional growth is not effortless – especially not in an innovative field that constantly reinvents itself. “The first years were not always easy, but I learned a lot and developed new skills in many different areas. My personal mottos are ‘you only live once’ and ‘you never know if you never try’, so whenever I was given a new challenge at work, I always said ‘yes’,” Tiara explains. “Today, I am happy about that.”

Thanks to her efforts, Tiara climbed the corporate ladder and was promoted to Quality Manager in 2018. Her responsibilities involve overseeing the work conducted by the logistics department from a quality perspective, participate in matters related to imports and exports, act as a coordinator, and conduct training sessions for Syntronic’s staff in Indonesia. “I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to develop my leadership skills,” she says. “One of the most important things that I have learnt from being in a leadership position is that it is crucial to know the team well. We need to be connected to the team and know what each member experiences, so that we can work together for a common goal.”

Promoting equality

Tiara hopes that the younger generation will perceive her and other women with managerial responsibilities as role models. “I’m convinced that the world needs more women in leadership positions, since we can provide new perspectives and insights,” she says. “Today, it should be obvious to everyone that women and men have the same professional capacities. Inequality is no longer an option and careers have no gender! I hope that more women will put themselves out there and look for challenges that will help them grow,” she says.

In the future, Tiara hopes to be able to take on even more responsibilities as a leader. Her main focus for the time being is Syntronic Indonesia’s new Bonded Zone License, which was approved by the authorities in January. The newly acquired license is a major milestone for Syntronic’s repair centre in Indonesia, since it brings with it improved terms of trade which will allow the office to expand its market reach substantially. “We are all very excited about all the opportunities that are opening up, thanks to the new license! My main priority now is to continue to improve our logistics department’s ability to deliver. Syntronic Indonesia, and our whole team here, has a bright future to look forward to,” she concludes.

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