Björn Jansson

Titel: President and CEO
Employed since: 1983


Mikael Åhlen

Titel: Senior Vice President
Operational Management
Employed since: 1995


Jan Fahlborg

Titel: Senior Vice President Business Development
Employed since: 1996

Monica Jansson

Title: Human Resource Manager
Employed since: 1991

Malin Lundquist

Titel: Strategic Competence Leader
Employed since: 2017

Stina Hillblom

Titel: Marketing Manager
Employed since: 2015


Victor Jansson

Titel: Manager Special Assignments (acting Site Manager, Syntronic Stockholm)
Employed since: 2016

Björn Östlund

Titel: President, Syntronic Research and Development USA Inc.
Employed since: 1996


Hans Molin

Titel: President, Syntronic Research and Development Canada Inc.
Employed since: 1996


Zhao Zinser

Titel: General Manager, Syntronic Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Employed since: 2013


Tan Li Hsing

Titel: General Manager,  Syntronic Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Employed since: 2009


Lars-Ola Klockervold

Titel: Managing Director at Syntronic Research and Development AB and Syntronic Software Innovations AB
Employed since: 2016


Magnus Rönnqvist

Titel: Managing Director at Syntronic Test Systems AB
Employed since: 2010


Roger Lindholm

Titel: Managing Director at Syntronic Production Services AB
Employed since: 2000


Stefan Sundin

Titel: Managing Director at Syntronic Aftermarket Services AB
Employed since: 2003