Experience of developing embedded systems

Syntronic’s competence and experience in developing embedded systems are realized from the Medtech business segment. The synergies between the different market areas we operate in opens new opportunities for our customers. Our combined competences in medicine, biotech, electronics and telecom, lays the foundation for Syntronic’s service offering in Medtech.

In Medtech, we are often asked for help with a full project or other large commitments. Some examples would be test and verification, maintenance and competence resources. Some of the common requests Syntronic will get are for services like project management, system design, hardware and software, real-time programming, prototypes, digital design, radio design, PCB layout, design for manufacture and environment, and mechanics. We meet the branch requirements of security and quality for operation security, stability and performance made by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA.

We offer traceability in all of our assignments to:

motivate decisions

verify construction

log all information

secure all details

secure databases

Our services within medtech


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