New Product Introduction

Our processes and services makes it possible for our customers to take the steps from concept stage to full-scale production in a cost-efficient way

What we do

We have extensive experience within New Product Introduction, that we have built and developed over the course of 30 years. We perform NPI services in a variety of segments, such as Telecom, Defence, Industrial, Medtech and Automotive. We have developed
production tests for everything from PBA to complete system tests. We have delivered over 1000 different production tests since 1983.

Production sites

To be able to give our customers the best service possible, we have our own production sites. Our production sites is flexible and can efficiently handle everything from advanced prototypes to series manufacturing.

Services within the NPI phase


Assurance of components

Assurance of suppliers

Assurance of logistical flows

Assembly fixtures

Machinery preparation

Production test

Prototyping and pre-series

Assure and develop tools for die-casting of enclosures

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Research and Development
New Product Introduction