New Product Introduction

NPI from concept to reality

Take the leap from concept to full-scale production with us. We materialize your ideas with expertise, quality, and confidentiality.

With over 30 years’ experience in test design, we have a proven track record unique in the business. Rewarding and satisfying partnerships with top-performing customers has made new product introduction form part of our backbone.

We have documented and broad experience across sectors and continents. Our expert engineering teams offer NPI services in a variety of business areas, such as telecom, defence, industrial, medtech, and automotive.

Our teams have successfully delivered thousands of unique production test systems since 1983. High-level expertise and equipment of the highest standards make it possible for us to conduct tests in extreme conditions (e.g. heat, cold, humidity, and vibrations) to fulfil your expectations with regards to products with high-standard quality requirements.

At Syntronic, we offer a wide variety of test solutions, spanning from PBA to environmental tests and complete system testing. Your unique business and industry needs are always our focus. Our experience spans from developing engineering test systems through to manufacturing and aftermarket support. At each stage, a tiger team assembled to ensure that the right coverage, cost, and quality is delivered.

Production sites

For your convenience, we have our own production sites. Efficiency, high standards, and progressiveness are essential values for our production teams. We are renowned for our flexibility – everything from advanced prototypes to series manufacturing can be delivered to you efficiently and expertly. International business is one of our areas of expertise. We have a proven global delivery capacity, handling customs regulations and international transports with high quality and excellent delivery precision.

Moreover, we offer in-dept TPI transfer expertise. We competently handle a wide variety of transfers, from small-scale to large-scale production. Regardless of the transfer is requested to take place from our own manufacturing sites to our customer’s, or from our customer’s manufacturing sites to those of a third party, we make it happen. No challenge is too great and no query too complicated.

Services within the NPI phase

  • Assurance of components
  • Assurance of suppliers
  • Assurance of logistical flows
  • Machinery preparation
  • Production test, including duplication and spare part services (for test development and test maintenance see our R&D offers)
  • Prototyping and pre-series
  • Assure and develop tools for die-casting of enclosures
  • TPI manufacturing transfer to new or existing sites

What else can we do for you?

We offer services that cover the entire life cycle of a product or system. Explore our diverse portfolio of services:

Research and Development
New Product Introduction