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Photo: Ovako

Ovako: Sustainable steel for the future

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Hofors, Sweden, Syntronic’s long-term partner, Ovako, provides clients from all over the world with sustainably produced steel. Sustainability, high quality, and commitment to cutting-edge technology solutions are values that Syntronic and Ovako share.

Worldwide, Ovako is renowned for its strong, clean, and sustainable steel. Ovako’s innovative production process is based on steel scrap and a Nordic fossil-free electricity mix. The approach makes Ovako one of the largest steel scrap recyclers in Northern Europe. In fact, our long-term partner recycles 800,000 tons of steel scrap –  that otherwise would have risked going to waste – every year.



Photo: Ovako


Syntronic’s long-term partner produces high-quality engineering steel products that are used in manufacturing, transportation, and bearing processes on the European, Asian, and North American markets. The products low carbon footprint is among the lowest in the world. In fact, it is 80 % lower than the global average.

Ovako’s steel product line includes niche products and customized solutions. The steel has high-quality properties that enable the end customers to create lighter, stronger, and more durable products.

Like Syntronic, our partner has an ethical approach to global business. The goal is always to ensure that products are used in areas and sectors where they contribute to the best possible societal progress.

Teamwork with Syntronic

At team of qualified experts from Syntronic is committed to increase the efficiency of Ovako’s manufacturing operations through solutions that allow for accurate, fast, and safe measurement routines.

As an improvement measure, Syntronic conducted a study that resulted in a recommendation to implement a top-of-the-line laser system at Ovako’s manufacturing site. The new laser-based system that was put in place upon Syntronic’s recommendation facilitates the steelmaking process, since the manufacturing team no longer have to measure and analyse the steel manually to the same extent as before.

Syntronic’s team also facilitated the transition to the safer and more efficient laser-based working routines by developing the measuring frame on which the laser system is placed. Moreover, Syntronic’s experts developed a specific software that has the capacity of solving challenges that occur during the measuring process accurately and efficiently.

Since the innovative laser system was implemented, it has been possible for Ovako to increase the frequency of its measurements, which provides the company’s team of experts with a greater amount of useful information about the production process.

The laser-based system recommended by Syntronic after our throughout analysis has reduced the time required for measurements, which allows Ovako to operate with greater efficiency. The highly skilled Ovako team is now able to dedicate more time to aspects of the steelmaking process.

Another advantage is that the new system is based on a flexible and adjustable software that can be amended and updated based on each client’s unique situation and circumstances. For instance, the advanced software solution makes it possible to remove features and add extra functions according to one’s needs and wishes.

Worldwide, an increasing number of manufacturing clients choose to replace manual measurement routines with laser-based software solutions, such as the system implemented by Ovako upon Syntronic’s recommendation. It is a global trend that results in greater efficiency, safety, and accuracy.


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