Our production sites is flexible and can solve anything from advanced prototype production to series manufacturing

What we do

We have extensive knowledge within OEM manufacturing. We offer you world-class OEM products with high delivery precision.
As a one-stop-shop within production and manufacturing services Syntronic can offer you everything from prototype production to series manufacturing.

Our competences


PCB Design

Surface Mount (SMD)*

> Thru Hole Mount with Selective Soldering and Wave soldering


> Repair

> Well-defined Supplier Network

Inline dispensing of glue and/or solder paste

Box Build/ Final Assembly


Mechanical Design



Project Management

Configuration Management

Climate controlled component storage for MSD classified components


* SMD with possibility to build everything from single board prototypes to volume products with high capacity (>200.000CPH real output depending on product) on PCB sizes up to 600x850 mm.

Our tests

X Ray

> Inline Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Inline Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Pre reflow and post reflow

Functional and Electrical Test

> Troubleshooting on customer products

Final Assembly Test

Climate Chamber Test

Our analysis laboratory

Optical Coordinate Measurements (3D)

> Mechanical Coordinate Measurements

Cross-sectional cutting of electronics with cold mounting into resins

3D digital measurement microscope up to 7000x magnification

> Color Measurement Spectrophotometry

Coating Thickness Measurement

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Research and Development
New Product Introduction