Syntronic China expands business in the semiconductor field

Syntronic has signed a cooperation agreement with a well-known semiconductor enterprise in China. The aim is to provide customized UV spectrophotometer development services, which will help customers measure and control the ozone concentration in silicon wafer production accurately.

The UV spectrophotometer designed by Syntronic uses ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength for detection, which enables it to calculate the ozone concentration value. It can display and output the concentration signal to the specified terminal directly. Its built-in control system enables remote operations and instrument parameter modifications.

The project is led by a team from Syntronic Tianjin Office, composed of senior technical experts including digital, analog, software, and mechanical engineers as well as project managers. It combines optics, chemistry, mechanics, digital control, communication, and embedded programming. As a result, it is possible to provide hardware and software development services, such as flow control, temperature compensation, photometric compensation, optical sampling detection, signal processing, analog and digital output, and remote communication. The product supports the simultaneous detection of gas-phase and liquid-phase samples, which results in industry-leading accuracy.

This is a new breakthrough and practice for Syntronic in the semiconductor field and it will enable improved key equipment localization and intelligent manufacturing in the industry. In the future, Syntronic will deepen its research and development efforts within various field even further, continuing its mission of providing customers with complete and reliable solutions.

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