Syntronic China signs DSP technology service agreement with leading instrument company

Syntronic China recently signed a technical service agreement with a leading instrument customer in China to provide DSP algorithm development services for its flagship product, terminal integrated testers.

Within the area of big data, the speed of data capacity growth has greatly exceeded the development speed of hardware technology. The application of faster and more efficient signal processing is in high demand. In this project, Syntronic’s algorithm team will reduce the R&D- and manufacturing costs, increase the development efficiency, calculation accuracy, and flexibly adapt to changes in external demand.

Syntronic is expanding its business of algorithm development to next-generation GPU-based floating-point chips, providing a development model for next-generation computing.

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, defence, industrial and medtech.

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