Syntronic China signs technical agreement with world leading MedTech firm

Syntronic China has signed a technical cooperation agreement with a world-renowned medical device manufacturer. The innovative MedTech company specialises in developing efficient radiotherapy equipment for cancer treatment.

Modern radiotherapy is one of the most successful cancer treatment methods. Although the field is developing at a promising pace, researchers still face numerous challenges, such as difficulties related to radiotherapy data management and bottlenecks in the application of image-guided technology. AI solutions are expected to have a positive impact on projects aiming to develop more efficient equipment.

Thanks to innovative AI solutions, such as the ones that are being developed by Syntronic’s partner, it is highly possible that advanced radiotherapy treatment will have the capacity to save more lives in the future. Researchers predict that by 2035, an additional one million lives will be saved each year through advanced radiotherapy.

Syntronic’s contribution

By combining traditional radiotherapy technology with digital technology and AI solutions, Syntronic’s partner develops new and more efficient equipment. Syntronic has contributed to this important cause by providing the MedTech firm with an updated and customized FPGA control circuit board.

The updated control circuit board has a high-efficiency motor drive function, logic control, and counting operation functions. It is flexible, reliable, and highly suitable for application scenarios.

The updated control circuit board can be used to solve problems that commonly occur in the complex systems that advanced radiotherapy equipment is based on. It is a solution with a short development cycle and high parallel computing efficiency, which results in a wide application range.

Syntronic is looking forward to the collaboration with our world leading customer in the MedTech sector.

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