Syntronic contributes to better radiotherapy equipment, with new motion control solution

A world-leading medtech firm selected Syntronic as their partner for a project that in the long-run will enable doctors to cure cancer tumors more efficiently, through new radiotherapy equipment with greater precision. The medtech firm is releasing an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) designed for improved radiotherapy treatment. Syntronic contributed to the project’s success by developing a flexible, precise, and technically advanced motion control system solution. In the field of radiotherapy, precision is a matter of crucial importance. Medtech equipment that results in greater precision, such as the EPID developed by Syntronic’s partner, facilitates the process of assessing and treating tumors. By providing medical professionals with more precise information, innovative medtech equipment also make it easier to determine the most efficient radiation dose in each case.

Improved accuracy and quality

The EPID that Syntronic’s partner has developed uses a detector matrix to acquire images in the beam direction of the field. The device instantly displays two-dimensional images in high resolution. It is designed to collect data quickly and has a strong radiation resistance. The overall aim is to provide medical professionals with improved positioning accuracy and better radiotherapy quality.

The motion control board developed and designed by Syntronic is based on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. The board controls all motion systems on the electronic imaging device, including joint motion. The movement of each part has corresponding position detection and real-time communication with the main control board.

Quick and reliable

A major advantage with Syntronic’s solution is that once an abnormal state is detected, the main control board will issue a warning. At the same time, the main control board is equipped with status indicators. The solutions make it possible to quickly detect and identify any issues that may occur, by observing the status of the indicator light.

The digitization of medical imaging treatment equipment is an on-going trend in the medtech sector. In the radiotherapy segment, the industry is focused on development solutions that will result in better data management strategies, positioning, and precision.

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