Syntronic Digital Solutions – New Department Established in China

Syntronic China are establishing a new department – Digital Solutions. In recent years, digital technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, IoT and blockchain have developed rapidly and creating challenges for organizations in their everyday work of quickly adapting a constantly changing environment. Our digital solutions team supports companies in their digital journey and can be your strategical competence partner in the digital society.

Digital Solutions

The Digital Solutions team consists of three business units; automated testing, digital terminals and cloud software. The team brings together experienced engineers in hardware, firmware, software, system, mechanics and electrical that aims to provide customers with high-quality and competitive digital solutions. 

Test Automation

  • Electronic test solution: PCBA board level test, inverter function test, IP phone function test
  • Aging test solution: circuit board aging test system, inverter aging test system
  • Automatic test line and production line: solution design, robot automation system, automatic test/production line design

Digital Terminal

  • Automotive electronics: ECU UDS on CAN vehicle diagnosis service
  • Internet of Things: driver/application development based on Linux, application development of IoT smart terminals/gateways

Cloud Software

  • Cloud platform: provide data storage, big data analysis and computing deployment services based on general platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Ali Cloud
  • Cloud platform applications and service: provide customized application services according to customers’ needs, and use PC or Smartphone to enable control, information display and interaction
  • End-to-end solutions: digital service, quality control, cloud testing, smart factory

Service Advantages

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, defence, industrial and medtech.

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