Syntronic invests in high-quality manufacturing in Sweden

Syntronic is expanding the manufacturing site in Kumla. The strategic expansion enables Syntronic to intensify the circuit board manufacturing and simultaneously engage in high-quality series production. New job opportunities, both in Kumla and at the Syntronic’s already established production site in Sandviken, will be offered in the context of the large-scale investment.

− “It feels fantastic to take the next big step in the story of Syntronic’s manufacturing operations”, says Roger Lindholm, CEO of Syntronic Production Services.

In Kumla, Syntronic has chosen large-scale premises with excellent growth potential, as a strategy for further development. The new premises in Kumla are equipped with advanced technology designed to handle tomorrow’s technology efficiently.

Syntronic has many years of expertise in circuit board manufacturing and technologies. The investment in Kumla widens the company’s reach, allowing its teams to apply their knowledge to larger projects. The overall aim is to continue to offer the market’s most efficient solutions related to circuit board production and other advanced manufacturing in areas such as telecom, medtech, defence, automotive and industrial sector.

− “We are ready to compete with manufacturers outside of Sweden. Syntronic invests in skills-optimized, quality-driven, and ethical production in Sweden, where we have a good and safe working environment and are able to offer our customers reasonable prices”, says Roger Lindholm.

The investment has already borne fruit in the form of new contracts with market-leading companies such as Saab in Karlskoga. Collaborations with other large-scale companies that see the intersectional benefits of quality-optimized manufacturing in Sweden from a market, cost and work environment perspective are at the negotiation table. An additional advantage of the new Kumla site is that it will be possible to work on common areas with customers, which paves the way for positive and far-reaching collaborations.

The company’s expansion also enables a diversification in the manufacturing segment, which means that more jobs will be created in both Kumla and Sandviken. In Kumla, Syntronic will work with large volumes with a special focus on circuit board manufacturing, series production and end-assembly.  Simultaneously, the manufacturing site in Sandviken will focus on advanced mechanics and other specific areas of expertise. Syntronic’s teams in Sandviken will work with mixed volumes and offer high-level expertise in mechanical design, test product manufacturing, RF boxes, mechanical tool solutions and other areas.

− “It feels amazing that Syntronic can invest and create job opportunities in a time that is financially challenging for a large number of people. We have the courage to invest in Swedish manufacturing based on deep and broad expertise locally and globally, excellent machines, and great working conditions”, says Roger Lindholm.

Operations in Kumla have already begun in the form of machine installations. The manufacturing will gradually increase in intensity in the near future.


Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, defence, industrial and medtech.

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