Syntronic signs agreement with hardware security firm Quantum eMotion Inc

Syntronic Research and Development Canada has signed an agreement with Quantum eMotion Inc (QeM), a company that specializes in hardware security for connected devices. The company is renowned for its Quantum Random Number Generator, which is based on a patented solution that exploits the built-in unpredictability of quantum mechanics and provides enhanced security to protect high value assets and critical systems.

Under the new agreement, Syntronic will provide optimized design, integration, and small-scale manufacturing services to produce the first version of a portable USB QRNG product based on the operational prototype that QeM has developed.

Cutting-edge technology

“Our first product will be a USB-powered, FPGA-based design of a digital and analog assembly allowing a host PC to control the Quantum Number Generator (QRNG) and receive the requested random samples over the USB connection,” Francis Bellido, CEO of QeM, comments. “Ultimately, we want our portable QRNG to deliver strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services,” he adds.

Taimoor Nawab, VP Business Development at Syntronic, comments: “We are excited to work with Francis and team at Quantum eMotion to help bring this cutting-edge technology to realization and look forward to supporting them throughout the productization process.”

Protects sensitive data

Syntronic’s partner’s strategic intent is to commercialize the first ultra-portable QRNG based on electron quantum tunneling and to provide a simple hardware security module that will provide bullet-proof protection for sensitive data inside standard servers. The technology will make blockchain-based processes inviolable and enable internet users to communicate uncrackable information across from any device to any number of services.

QeM’s solutions are expected to contribute to improvements in the healthcare services industry. The technology is also relevant to other crucial areas, such as financial services, cloud-based IT security infrastructure, classified government networks and communication systems, secure device keying (IOT, automotive, consumer electronics) and quantum cryptography.

Syntronic looks forward to contributing to the development of safer hardware security systems, in collaboration with QeM.

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